Who is Myra Flynn?

Singer/songwriter Myra Flynn spends her career embracing dichotomy. Half Irish and half African American, her original indie/soul songs blend soulful vocals with a lyrical delivery that doesn't let one get too comfortable. As the New England Deli Magazine puts it, "Her vocal influences have as much in common with Ani Difranco and Shawn Colvin as they do with Rihanna and Jill Scott."


Flynn spent her Vermont childhood clad in leopard print and platform shoes, singing and dancing atop anything that looked remotely like a stage. These days, not much has changed. She has since shared stages with:  Ivan Neville (Dumpstaphunk), Mike Gordon (Phish) , Gabrielle Gordon (Natalie Merchant), Sonya Kitchell, Rayvon, Res, Alexa Ray Joel, Slick Rick, Anais Mitchell and Lee “Scratch” Perry. 

Crooked Measures, her 2009 debut album, earned Flynn a solid spot in the singer/songwriter circuit as well as much deserved media recognition. She was named "Best Up-and-Coming Performer" by Seven Days Newspaper (2010 and 2011) and "New England Artist of the Month" by The Deli Magazine New England. She signed a six-month licensing deal with CBS Records and her original song "Feels Like the Sunshine" was used on the CW television show "The Beautiful Life" (produced by Ashton Kutcher).

Flynn’s sophomore album, For The Record, dropped August 5, 2011. Produced by Vermont singer/songwriter Gregory Douglass, the New England Deli Magazine said the new album is crafted with “a self-assured sense of commitment and what seems like another lifetime of reasons to sing.”

"For The Record is an album about everyone in my life but me. It's been an inspiring exercise to try to step out of my own perspective and kind of take on the role of the characters who shape my personal world,” Flynn said. “As a result, I think the album is far more edgy than Crooked Measures. I really dove in and tried to explore religion, sex, anger, love and even death. I hope listeners can relate at times, but I think it's also okay if they simply listen. If they listen closely, they may hear the musical grownup inside of me who has finally arrived. I'm pretty proud of her."

Half Pigeon adds a third album to Flynn’s catalog of original music, building on the critical success of her debut Crooked Measures (2009) and sophomore release For the Record (2011). Produced by Matt Bogdanow of Plushgun, Half Pigeon was recorded at Motherbrain studio (Brooklyn), and features guest appearances by Gregory Douglass and Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio). The album received a raving review from Seven Days Weekly saying: "At its most organic, Half Pigeon recalls hints of 2012 darlings Alabama Shakes, and at her very danciest, Myra Flynn seems almost to channel Janet Jackson in her badass prime. What is truly noteworthy is that Flynn is often capable of delivering on both ends of this scale in a single song — and with a unique voice and style to boot."

Never Mind the Mourning is Flynn's fourth body of work, recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Grammy Award winning producers Jared Lee Gosselin and Tony Ghantous. While Flynn has been known in the past for her more down-tempo singer/songwriter work, this album is her first exploration in what she calls indie/pop. While the sound may be more pop, the lyrics are often not about what one might think they are as Flynn sneaks in themes of American warfare, infidelity and domestic abuse between the sugary sounds. 

Myra’s latest album, Shadow Work, was released in the summer of 2023. Margaret Grayson of 7days describes Shadow Work as "... five songs deeply concerned with relationships of all kinds. Flynn, who splits her time between Vermont and Los Angeles, sings of mothers and daughters, romantic relationships gone wrong, and the people who get us through the hardest times. She considers big questions about how a person ought to be in the world, but she conducts her case studies on the most intimate of stages. In certain moments, she questions herself, wondering if she's doing enough for the people she loves; other times, she offers full-throated declarations of her own worth in the world. The same song can hold both sentiments, and Flynn's ability to capture complicated, conflicting emotions in her lyrics swept me away."

Myra is a lyrical storyteller, who uses her voice to empower, inspire, and even educate.  She fearlessly tackles topics that others shy away from in both her music and in her journalism career.  She says that motherhood has left her no more time to be self conscious and there is no room for shyness.  She finds a new strength, independence and inspiration in her daughter, Avalon, and her husband Phil. Myra is a singer, songwriter, journalist, advocate, ally, mother, wife - and always, unapologetically, human.  

 Her podcast with Vermont Public Radio, titled Homegoings, is a “righteous space for art and race.”  It’s a show that invites listeners to be a fly on the wall, privy to candid and genuine conversations about race.  We explore themes that fearlessly straddle the line between necessary and uncomfortable, as I speak with artists, experts and regular folks all over the country about their literal skin in the game - of everyday life.  Homegoings is storytelling - with a heartbeat.  No topic is off the table, and there’s no such thing as going “too deep.”  These are the conversations that are our birthright to have, and the stories we are lucky to hear. 

Currently, Myra Flynn lives a bi-costal life, still holding onto her roots in Vermont part of her year while also working and living in Los Angeles under the guidance of Swift Street Management Team. She has created a jewelry line made from recycled piano parts and recently partnered with Vermont Vineyard, Shelburne Vineyard to create a namesake wine: FLYNN. She has toured the United States countless times as well as: Whales, London, Ireland and most frequently, Australia. Her motto regarding next steps and fame tends to be: "If you're doing it, you've already made it." 



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