Date Event Location
Myra Flynn & Paul Boffa Deli126, Burlington VT Deli126, Burlington VT
Myra Flynn & Paul Boffa Upper Pass Upper Pass
Myra Flynn & Paul Boffa Private House Concert Private House Concert
Myra Flynn Trio Zen Barn Zen Barn
LARK: A pop-up Songwriter Festival Deli126 Deli126
Myra Flynn & Paul Boffa Upper Pass Upper Pass
 —  — FLYNN Okemo Mountain Resort Okemo Mountain Resort
FLYNN-The Myra Flynn Band, with opener *HoneyandSoul * Arts Riot Arts Riot
Myra Flynn Full Band The Mint , Los Angeles The Mint , Los Angeles
 —  — Myra Flynn GIV Teaching Institute GIV Teaching Institute
 —  — Rotary Records Recording West Springfield, Mass West Springfield, Mass
FLYNN-The Myra Flynn Band Light Club Lamp Shop Light Club Lamp Shop
Myra Flynn-The Love Experience Heritage Food and Drink Heritage Food and Drink
 —  — Studio Dates Rotary Records Rotary Records
Myra Flynn UVM Loving Day Concert UVM Loving Day Concert
 —  — Myra Flynn, FLYNN Concert and Songwriter Workshop Clemons Family Farm Clemons Family Farm
FLYNN Norwich University Norwich University
FLYNN (The Myra Flynn Band) Stone Church , Brattleboro Stone Church , Brattleboro
Myra Flynn B Love Family Fest B Love Family Fest