Here are a few helpful hints on shopping with us! 

Vanity Plate

Much of our one of a kind jewelry is made to order or custom. We hand stamp our Vanity Plate necklace here in Vermont and while we enjoy stamping our own fun words, we like to create one's that say something special to you. So:
  • Buy the "Custom Vanity Plate"
  • What do you want to say? Email us the details here at: Remember that that each can hold up to about six letters comfortably, eight letters maximum.
  • Want ideas? Let us know. These make great custom gifts for: Wedding parties, best friend necklaces, anniversary dates, band merch or even the name of your business! 
I really Like You Rings
These are handmade in Vermont out of incredibly thick, raw brass. They are meant to be a ring that represents a commitment and union, although some have ordered them as wedding bands! We make them in all sizes. 

Tuning Pins
These tuning pins have been pulled from a 1896 Steinway Piano. Some have their original piano wire wrapped around them naturally from the force of pulling. They are heavy, old American steel and they are fabulous! They are incredibly unisex and some are decorated with chain, freshwater pearls and 18k gold flake. Or not. They are awesome by themselves as well. 

Please enjoy our jewelry line! Questions, comments or concerns email: