Light of March 7th (L.O.M.7) is a jewelry line crafted by Vermont based musician, Myra Flynn. She uses recycled materials forged from the beloved instrument she has been playing since the age of four: the piano. 
  • Excess leather from local hunters
  • Recycled tuning pins extracted from an 1896 Steinway
  • Recycled piano wire from an 1896 Steinway 
  • Vintage Chain
  • Organic Hemp
  • Antique Letter Stamps
  • Brass/Silver
Light of March 7th (L.O.M.7) is a beautiful mix of industry and history.   

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What's New With L.O.M.7??

Aren't We All a Little Queer?? 

Gay Pride doesn't have to end in June! We are all a little queer, aren't we? Get our custom "Queer" Vanity Plate! Click Here to check out this and other pieces
and pick a chain, any chain.....
xoxo L.O.M.7