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This Tuning pin is from a Steinway Piano #86929 circa 1896. This piano was made in NYC and is being fully rebuilt right now at The Village Piano Shop in White River Jct., VT. The leather wrapped around the pin is excess from a Vermont Hunter and is cruelty free.

One of the first steps to rebuilding a piano is taking off the strings and taking out the tuning pins. The tuning pins are made of steel and are finely threaded. The music wire is put through a small hole called the becket and wrapped around the pin 3.5 times. The pin is then driven into a laminated piece of rock maple so that the string tension can be adjusted by turning the pin in its whole. It is held in place strictly by friction.

The tops of these pins have been exposed to the elements, however two thirds of it have been held so tightly in the wood that it shows its original color from 1896. This music wire wrapped around the pin is from the same piano. Its an industrial and yet historic piece of fine jewelry.

Hunter Pin-$85

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