At Homegoings: A Live Performance, a handful of artists from season 1 of the podcast will take to the stage to gift us their art, and welcome all into brave conversation in a Q&A. We’ve already announced some of our amazing guests, including Ash Diggs, Kiah Morris and Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.

Like last year, we will film this event and turn it into a five-part video series to air on Vermont Public's main television station and to live on demand in perpetuity and awesomeness for you viewing whenever you want.

And this happening soon! We'll be live on Feb. 17, at @chandlercenterforthearts in Randolph, Vermont. I'll be hosting. You'll be feeling things. It will be great. In a world inundated with podcasts about, well, pretty much anything you can think of, this is the kind of thing that makes this podcast unique. It doesn't just live in audio: We make an effort to build community. Because it's important to witness vulnerability and art, together... and ... because it's fun.

Sliding scale seating available